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Larissa Miller

Larisa Miller studied English and Political Science at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. After her

studies, she worked for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the Secretary of Agriculture, and later for the

Governor of Pennsylvania, in the office of public policy. Larisa has spent the last several years working for the

Royal Family in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as the business development manager, with focus on sustainable

development, as well head of their large non-profit foundation, which focused on youth, literacy and education,

working with women and children in refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa.

In addition to serving as an international keynote speaker, addressing audiences around the world on

sustainable business investment, Larisa serves as CEO of Phoenix Global, LLC (PG), a business consulting

firm headquartered in the United States. PG facilitates beneficial and sustainable investment, development,

infrastructure and business opportunities globally, working with companies, foundations, family offices, nonprofits

and government agencies to bridge strategic investment opportunities, through the introduction of

innovative strategies and technologies, while helping companies and governments to make a measurable

impact to their sustainability profiles, benefiting their stakeholders, customers and society. PG focuses on

sustainable business planning and development, marketing strategies, developing breakthrough sustainable

business models, reputation management, sustainability reporting, corporate social responsibility strategies

and foundation-building, social media management, market analysis, etc.


Larisa serves on several global boards, most notably:

–  Chairwoman of Global Impact Africa, a non-profit organization, which focuses on the promotion of

    education, mentorship and entrepreneurism across Africa. (United States)

–  Board of Trustees, People to People International, one of the largest and oldest global humanitarian

    organizations. (United States)

–  Board of Directors for Union of Business Ladies, Tbilisi, Georgia (Georgia)

–  Advisory Board, GIST Initiatives’ Global Impact Awards, a global award given to individuals or

    entities who make a difference to the environment or society in line with the Sustainable


Development Goals.

–  President of Global Woman Miami

–  Board of Trustees, International Business and Professional Women (BPW)